Friday, March 13, 2009


, originally uploaded by fishing guilligan.

Today I watched a dog escape from its owner and chase my train until it became a black spot on the horizon.

Today I read three zines, none of which inspired me, but gave me a new idea on how to use the office photocopier (which hates me).

Today I considered changing my name to Esther (only for a moment).

Today I ate a bowl of ice-cream and drank two cups of coffee simply to have a reason not to leave a busy cafe.

Today I found myself at an unknown train-station, and had a fleeting moment of Fight Club-esque confusion; was I asleep?



Pattie said...

Today I don't have class and I'm going to clean the kitchen

naturally nina said...

you have an amazing blog and what a creative way to talk about your day! i love it. :) thanks for your comment too!

jules said...

Oh those are seem like really wonderful and interesting things, your writing is so beautiful, and interesting.

vintageveggie said...

gorgeous blog! so inspiring.

sarah said...

you write so interesting and your blog is beautiful

Indie.Tea said...

O my goodness, that photograph is just BEAUTIFUL...