Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please don't erase this, the rain will do it for you

'It's raining women's voices as if they were dead even in memory,

It's raining you as well, marvelous encounters of my life
Oh little drops, those rearing couds begin to neigh a universe of auricular cities

Listen to the rain while regret and distain weep to an ancient music

Listen to the fetters falling that bind you above and below.'

Guillaume Appolinaire - It Rains, Il Pleut
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3. micmojo 4. weheartit.com

This poem is so lovely it takes my breath away, even in its english translation. To really appreciate it you must see it the way it was originally written. Its a very early peice of concrete poetry, and on the page is almost seems as if the words were droplets of rain, streaming down a window in the middle of a shower.

If anyone knows a better translation I would love to hear it. I copied this one down into my diary a while ago and only came across it again yesterday, so I don't know whose translation it was.

I have to admit, I'm getting quite addicted to blogging. Everytime I discover something beautiful I have to put it up here. I'm already getting behind in uni so I think I might have to tone it down a little.



constance said...

oh yes this poem is wonderful! rain and surrealism are probably the most favorite things of mine.!

Indie.Tea said...

It looks really lovely...but I can't read the poem...