Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Shaky, originally uploaded by Roberto Rubalcava.

About twenty minutes ago my house completely shook. From what I can tell an earth tremor lasting a couple of seconds went through Metropolitan Melbourne. It was so surreal. I've never felt the earth move before. And in Melbourne. I thought I was imagining it.

From what I've heard I don't think there has been any damage. But its only been about half an hour and to tell you the truth I haven't heard very much. I just thought I should let you know. :)

In other news, I just finished my first week of uni and I'm completely exhausted! I've also decided to force myself to write a short story or creative writing task a week to keep me motivated. I finished my first just before the tremor.

Anyone else in Melbourne feel it?


EDIT: According to this US survey, the tremor measured 4.7 on the Richter scale.


Indie.Tea said...

It is surreal, isn't it?
As a life-long California resident, I have been through many my experience, a 4.7 shouldn't cause any damage...just things falling off of shelves, etc. I fervently hope that is the case with this one too.

Pattie said...

That is really scary, we had an earthquake over here when i was in high school, but i slept through it and didn't know about it till the next day.

Anonymous said...

i live in California, and we get earthquakes a lot too. i hope all is well

daydream lily said...

it was so surreal !! I was laying on bed watching a movie and the whole bed moved. Never felt anything like that in Melbourne before!!

jules said...

Oh that is so scary! Lovely picture though, and lovely blog, I hope you feel better.