Friday, December 25, 2009

My life as a fairy-tale

Images from: 1. Olivia Malone 2. Olivia Malone 3. Romantics 4. Girl Meets NYC 5. crazyfor-you

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm so very excited, because I was lucky enough to receive something I have been craving all year: an overlocker!!! I can't wait to set it up, I can finally lay double-turn hemming every single peice of material to rest.

I've been really inspired by these photos to attempt to make a cape this week. I'm not sure if I want to make it a complete costume peice, or attempt something actually wearable. I have a couple of vintage patterns I was thinking of altering, and I was thinking perhaps a short elbow length hooded cape with front-fastenings to wear over dresses?

Image from: imdb

Where The Wild Things Are
has also inspired me to make a cape similar to Max's wolf-suit, in long white and grey patterned fur, with a hood and perhaps some kind of animal ears. My only problem is I'm a little worried about transferring this idea into any kind of wearable garment. But I'm really excited to attempt bringing the cape into my normal wardrobe (despite the fact that its summer and absolutely boiling here in Melbourne), or making it for my next costume party!

Let me know about your lovely Christmas presents or sewing ideas!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Patrick Wolf

Photo from Patrick Wolf Official Site

Ok... so its two in the morning but I cant sleep at all. The reason? I have just (as of an hour ago) come from Patrick Wolf's Melbourne gig at Prince Bandroom as part of his Bachelor tour. And it may actually be the best gig I've been to. EVER. Words cant describe the high I am on right now. Its probably futile to try and convey it through blogging but I need an outlet otherwise I will explode from how incredibly happy I am.

I've loved Patrick Wolf for years. When I heard he was on the line up for Meredith, and I missed out on buying tickets, I was shattered. So I had to make sure I had tickets for his Bachelor tour. But tonight was so amazing I don't think his Meredith performance could have topped it.

Patrick was supported by Jessica Says, who were nice enough in their own way, but didn't do enough for me to heighten the mood. But this was probably because, due to several things that happened today, I was in a terrible mood. But then Patrick came onstage. And I don't think I've been so immediately drawn to a performer as I was to him. And as you can see, he completely turned my night around.

I was lucky enough to have a place saved for me at the front, centre stage, right in front of the microphone. Patrick was literally a couple of centimetres in front of me. Which meant the performance was doubly intense (and also meant audience participation... I held his hand twice... obscure music groupie that I am).

Patrick abandoned his set list during the show, telling us he would play until curfew or as long as we were willing to stay. He seemed genuinely surprised at the end when the bandroom was still packed. There is something in the way he speaks, a kind of shyness, which is incredibly endearing and really helps the audience to connect with him.

I really don't need to explain how amazing the actual music was. This should be self evident.

Patrick had three costume changes, which itself is incredible for a fairly small bandroom gig. Just the idea of going to a Patrick Wolf concert got me so excited I dressed up as well, and I'll outfit post tomorrow.

Anyway, I really don't know what to say. Only that I am definitely planning on going to his Aussie gig next year AND hopefully attempt to see him when I'm in London. He has already made my Christmas Break.


Friday, December 11, 2009

baking baking baking

I believe that this warrants a post, because, yesterday, for the first time in about a year, I actually baked something!! Those of you who know me know that cooking is basically the bane of my existence. The idea of having to cook something every day for the rest of my life actually makes me want to curl up under my bed covers and hide from the world. Unlike me, fortunately, my sister is a cooking addict. So yesterday, she got in a cooking mood, and I was hating the idea of cooking less than usual, and we baked up a storm!

As you can see from the Polaroids, we made pink cupcakes (so so much food dye), and gingerbread cookies, and best of all, a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!! From scratch! We adapted a gingerbread man recipe and I made the plans for the house and we baked it all and hoped it would work. I like to think my architectural skills are quite commendable.

The house took us all day though. We tripled the original recipe, so you can imagine how much gingerbread we had.

Oh goodness... the butter... we used an entire tub and a half.

But look how pretty it is! Complete with a paved roof, icicles, and flowers and mushrooms growing in the snow outside.

Its too beautiful to eat.

When I have time, have to take some photos of my most recent op-shop purchases (a new Salvos has opened near my house!). But for now, I think I'm just going to admire my gingerbread creation.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trish Hunter Finds

Yes lovelies, I know its been months and months and months since I last posted anything, but I had to quickly share this super awesome link with you.

I discovered this blog through a fateful article around logies time in the mX (sorry to any non-Aussies who wont understand the references), and it has since become one of my favourite distractions. This girl NEVER stops vintage shopping!!!

Now, Trish Hunter Finds is celebrating the opening of her new online store, filled with lots and lots of reasonably priced vintage goodness (theres a tooled handbag there I particularly have my eye on). You can visit here:

Please visit and give her lots of love, or at least gasp over the amount of things she seems to find on a daily basis.

Now that she's stimulated me to start blogging again, I may have to post some photos of some of my favourite op-shop and market treasures from the last couple of months. Stay tuned!