Monday, March 9, 2009

For the record, today's weather is sunny with occasional lusts after lace

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For the record, today's weather is sunny with occasional lusts after lace.

I'm beginning to become obsessed with lace. I have so many cuttings in my room. Its so lovely and magical and makes me feel as if I live in a period novel.

Yesterday on my way back to my friend's house we discovered a tree wrapped in doilies tied together with string, so all the branches were completely covered in lace. We looked quite the fool climbing up to get a better look.

The rest of the day was filled with picnics in the park and ice-cream on top of scaffolding, looking over the city.
I hope your weekend was as lovely!

PS. I just finished reading Diary; A Novel by the amazing Chuck Palahniuk (the author of Fight Club. If you haven't read it, pick it up now. Its disturbing but so well written). His structure is incredible. His writing style influenced the title of my post, although my content is far happier than what fills his novels.


daydream lily said...

chuck palahnuik is one of my favourite authors, dairy was great! have you read his other books?

by the way I love lace too!

kate said...

Hey I like your blog!! Just stumbled upon it :)

i think i have seen this tree! or one very much like it... on gertrude street i think?

i like your new range of necklaces, cant wait to see them on etsy :)

StellaForStar said...

Liss - I'm so glad I found someone else who likes Chuck Palahnuik! I only know one other person whose read his work. I've only read Fight Club and Diary though, Fight Club blew me away. I was going through his books at uni yesterday. Which others can you recommend?

kate - Yes, it is on gertrude street! Isn't it lovely?
And thanks about the necklaces. I'm having a little trouble with setting up payment, because I never use credit cards, but hopefully that will be sorted soon. :)

Indie.Tea said...

I found "Diary" to be a disturbing, but as you said, well-written fiction.
Beautiful pictures...