Thursday, March 19, 2009


originally uploaded by margaret durow.

My assessment date is looming and I am in desperate need of inspiration to complete my poetry folio. Everything I've been writing recently feels so derivative....

I am currently listening to a super new (or rather... new for me) album I purchased especially for inspiration, and have tried abstaining from technology, becoming a recluse, and hiding away in dappled, tree-filled corners, but so far my actions have been in vain.

I would be very greatful if anyone could provide me with some inspiration, or share some advice on how to catch some, pin it down, and make it spill its elusive secrets.



Indie.Tea said...

Inspiration...I wish I knew.
The photograph is quite lovely!

Pattie said...

When I need inspiration I try to just stop looking, and than it seems to fall in my lap :)
But that is harder at times than just looking for it.
Hope you can find it in time :)

Anonymous said...

that picture is gorgeous. what is the album?

Helena said...

oh yes i too wish for some sort of a little key to the box of inspiration
it appears when you least need it and then when you try to grasp it its just not there

an absolutely beautiful photograph!