Saturday, February 28, 2009

Topsy Turvy - continued...

Just thought I should share with you one of my favourite purchases of yesterday. They were so lovely and only ten dollars! (You may need to click to get a better look, on my computer this view seems very pixelated)

And yes, my grass is very very brown. Its the fault of the heatwave. And Melbourne's water restrictions. Except we never look after the lawn anyway, so they didnt really make any difference.

I've also been working super super hard these holidays at making all kinds of beautiful things for my first collection, She said she'd drain my heart. Today I decided to share some of them with the world. Each piece is made of upcycled bits and pieces designed to breathe life into forgotten objects in a new context. Each also has a little (often dark) story behind it. So, soon they should be available on etsy! Here's a little peek at some of them (sorry about the poor photo quality). I hope you like! Promise you wont tell?


setyourselfonfire said...

You live in my favourite city in the world. I'm a little jealous :P


StellaForStar said...

Melbourne's my favourite city too... except when there's a 40 degree heatwave and I end up shutting myself inside for a week.
Apart from that, I'd never want to live anywhere else (apart from London...and maybe Berlin :P).

Cathy said...

adorable shoes!

constance said...

your shoes are just so so lovely!