Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here we go again

, originally uploaded by crunchylashes.

Burnt silver brushed lavender offspring
Sprung from me when first we kissed
You held me quietly a rush purged me of my past
Opened a desert of diamonds vast
Glinting and a tiny chorus of swallows
Swing open the door freed the caged bees and wallows
Swarm geometric patterns on the sun
Eclipse new moon
And tell my werewolf not to run
I tell my werewolf not to run
- Cocorosie, Promise

I start uni next week (like a lot of you Aussies) and I'm absolutely dreading getting back into routine after three months of socialising, reading, crafting and continuous midday coffee catch-ups. I'm so behind, I haven't even bought the absolute truckload of books on my booklist this year.

I think a 7am wake-up might just kill me.

In other news, I am absolutely taken by this lovely sparrow necklace by etsy seller MDsparks. What a beautiful idea!

I want one for my own so terribly!


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Indie.Tea said...

What a lovely photograph...and the necklace is enchanting! So spring-like.