Wednesday, February 18, 2009


firefly, originally uploaded by mariehochhaus.

'My tears, which I could not refrain, have blotted half your letter; I wish they had effaced the whole, and that I had returned it to you in that condition; I should then have been satisfied with the little time I kept it; but it was demanded of me too soon.'
- Heloise

My best friend is angry at me and I don't know why. We haven't spoken in three days, which may not seem like an incredible amount of time, but for us it is.

I don't fight with people. So I don't know what to do. I can never manage to be angry at anyone for very long. Grudges are beyond me.

Everytime I think about it I feel like taking some kind of action to end the rift, but as I've done nothing I don't know how I can. I can only wait until he perceives his own absurdity.

The quote is from one of the letters between the famous lovers, Heloise and Abelard, whose tragic romance has always inspired me. Their story has a place in the hearts of many others, including, I beleive, Charlie Kaufman, who has included references to the pair in his screenplays to both 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' (the name itself taken from the Alexander Pope poem 'Eloisa to Abelard', about the tragedy of their seperation).

Heloise's letters are beautiful, and I think that, to keep me busy, my next post will be inspired by them.



Patience said...

agh i hate fighting with a friend....hope everything works out

Indie.Tea said...

What a pretty photograph...hope everything works itself out.

constance said...

this photo is so melancholy and perfect!

StellaForStar said...

Thanks, everyone. :)
We ended up working it out. But its the first fight I've ever had with him so its still kind of a shock.