Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trish Hunter Finds

Yes lovelies, I know its been months and months and months since I last posted anything, but I had to quickly share this super awesome link with you.

I discovered this blog through a fateful article around logies time in the mX (sorry to any non-Aussies who wont understand the references), and it has since become one of my favourite distractions. This girl NEVER stops vintage shopping!!!

Now, Trish Hunter Finds is celebrating the opening of her new online store, filled with lots and lots of reasonably priced vintage goodness (theres a tooled handbag there I particularly have my eye on). You can visit here:

Please visit and give her lots of love, or at least gasp over the amount of things she seems to find on a daily basis.

Now that she's stimulated me to start blogging again, I may have to post some photos of some of my favourite op-shop and market treasures from the last couple of months. Stay tuned!


1 comment:

trishhunterfinds said...

Thankyou so so so much :)
That was the most lovely post!
No need at all to do anything extra!

It'll all add up and help out for sure!! Im so appreciative :)

Goodluck too! :)

- Trish