Friday, December 11, 2009

baking baking baking

I believe that this warrants a post, because, yesterday, for the first time in about a year, I actually baked something!! Those of you who know me know that cooking is basically the bane of my existence. The idea of having to cook something every day for the rest of my life actually makes me want to curl up under my bed covers and hide from the world. Unlike me, fortunately, my sister is a cooking addict. So yesterday, she got in a cooking mood, and I was hating the idea of cooking less than usual, and we baked up a storm!

As you can see from the Polaroids, we made pink cupcakes (so so much food dye), and gingerbread cookies, and best of all, a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!! From scratch! We adapted a gingerbread man recipe and I made the plans for the house and we baked it all and hoped it would work. I like to think my architectural skills are quite commendable.

The house took us all day though. We tripled the original recipe, so you can imagine how much gingerbread we had.

Oh goodness... the butter... we used an entire tub and a half.

But look how pretty it is! Complete with a paved roof, icicles, and flowers and mushrooms growing in the snow outside.

Its too beautiful to eat.

When I have time, have to take some photos of my most recent op-shop purchases (a new Salvos has opened near my house!). But for now, I think I'm just going to admire my gingerbread creation.


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