Monday, December 14, 2009

Patrick Wolf

Photo from Patrick Wolf Official Site

Ok... so its two in the morning but I cant sleep at all. The reason? I have just (as of an hour ago) come from Patrick Wolf's Melbourne gig at Prince Bandroom as part of his Bachelor tour. And it may actually be the best gig I've been to. EVER. Words cant describe the high I am on right now. Its probably futile to try and convey it through blogging but I need an outlet otherwise I will explode from how incredibly happy I am.

I've loved Patrick Wolf for years. When I heard he was on the line up for Meredith, and I missed out on buying tickets, I was shattered. So I had to make sure I had tickets for his Bachelor tour. But tonight was so amazing I don't think his Meredith performance could have topped it.

Patrick was supported by Jessica Says, who were nice enough in their own way, but didn't do enough for me to heighten the mood. But this was probably because, due to several things that happened today, I was in a terrible mood. But then Patrick came onstage. And I don't think I've been so immediately drawn to a performer as I was to him. And as you can see, he completely turned my night around.

I was lucky enough to have a place saved for me at the front, centre stage, right in front of the microphone. Patrick was literally a couple of centimetres in front of me. Which meant the performance was doubly intense (and also meant audience participation... I held his hand twice... obscure music groupie that I am).

Patrick abandoned his set list during the show, telling us he would play until curfew or as long as we were willing to stay. He seemed genuinely surprised at the end when the bandroom was still packed. There is something in the way he speaks, a kind of shyness, which is incredibly endearing and really helps the audience to connect with him.

I really don't need to explain how amazing the actual music was. This should be self evident.

Patrick had three costume changes, which itself is incredible for a fairly small bandroom gig. Just the idea of going to a Patrick Wolf concert got me so excited I dressed up as well, and I'll outfit post tomorrow.

Anyway, I really don't know what to say. Only that I am definitely planning on going to his Aussie gig next year AND hopefully attempt to see him when I'm in London. He has already made my Christmas Break.


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Isabella said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Patrick Wolf so much as well. I have seen him twice here in London, and he is beyond-words incredible.