Friday, December 25, 2009

My life as a fairy-tale

Images from: 1. Olivia Malone 2. Olivia Malone 3. Romantics 4. Girl Meets NYC 5. crazyfor-you

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm so very excited, because I was lucky enough to receive something I have been craving all year: an overlocker!!! I can't wait to set it up, I can finally lay double-turn hemming every single peice of material to rest.

I've been really inspired by these photos to attempt to make a cape this week. I'm not sure if I want to make it a complete costume peice, or attempt something actually wearable. I have a couple of vintage patterns I was thinking of altering, and I was thinking perhaps a short elbow length hooded cape with front-fastenings to wear over dresses?

Image from: imdb

Where The Wild Things Are
has also inspired me to make a cape similar to Max's wolf-suit, in long white and grey patterned fur, with a hood and perhaps some kind of animal ears. My only problem is I'm a little worried about transferring this idea into any kind of wearable garment. But I'm really excited to attempt bringing the cape into my normal wardrobe (despite the fact that its summer and absolutely boiling here in Melbourne), or making it for my next costume party!

Let me know about your lovely Christmas presents or sewing ideas!


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