Saturday, January 24, 2009

One has to begin somewhere...

Welcome to StellaForStar, my first blog, and, my first post!

StellaForStar is not just any blog. It is (hopefully) to be filled with beautiful, artsy, creative, inspirational images, literature, and objects I have come across throughout my life, and want to preserve and share. Think of it as a virtual flower-press, with all kinds of lovely things hidden in its pages. Most of all, however, StellaForStar is a way for me to excersise my first and foremost love, writing, which has, for at least half a year, been sadly forgotten. Storytelling is a passion for me and one that I hope to persue further.

But now, before we begin our aquaintance, some quick introductions and explainations!

StellaForStar is a name taken from the pages of one of my most loved plays; 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. It is the nickname the protagonist, Blanche, gives to her sister, Stella. Though a passing comment, the name has stayed with me since my first reading of the play, and has acrued such sentimental value that I felt it fitting to lend it to my lovely new blog.

And now, a little about me:

The Basic: I am an Australian uni student with a love of literature, design, and craft, among many things.

I like vintage clothes, cassettes and mixed tapes, collecting mismatched tea sets, losing myself in markets and second hand book stores. I like opening a book and finding something inside. I like letters, typewriters, wooden furniture, poetry. Glass bottles, black and white photographs, Polaroids and writing stories. I like the idea of selling a short story to someone. It’s more appealing than writing a novel. It’s more like someone buying your thoughts. As if that couple of pages is a direct link from your mind. But I’ve never tried to sell a short story to someone. I don’t know who would buy it.

I dislike songs with terrible rhymes, bad songs by good people, dial up internet, sequels, prequels and franchises, coffee in hot weather, not finishing books. I hate people who use the word ‘hate’ too much, and desensitise the world to its meaning.

The book I am reading at the moment is ‘Perfume' by Patrick Suskind.

The last thing that made me stop and think was sitting in a train on my way home. It was a really windy day, and we were passing a road lined with these huge trees. As I was watching the wind picked up, and these giant, golden leaves started to blow passed the window, dancing in the wind as the train hurtled passed. It was breathtakingly beautiful and unearthly.

But enough about me. I plan to update at least once a week, and pretty up the page, so next time hopefully it will be more organised.

x S

Ps: If you want to check back (and I would love it if you did!) go to, to save confusion, as unfortunately the name I wanted has been taken! Any ideas?

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