Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now I know why I started blogging

Just a Fledgling by Kelly Smith

I love how things just come together sometimes.

A while back, though I can't remember how, I was introduced to the beautiful artwork of Kelly Smith, and fell in love. This lovely lady's illustrations are so magical, and matched so perfectly with the type of art that I was into, that I felt that little twinge of sadness that comes when you wish you could create something that beautiful yourself. However, due to my terrible memory for names, I was unable to track down the artist, and view some more of her lovely works!

Until now. Browsing through blogger, trying to get the hang of the system, I came across Birdy and Me, Kelly Smith's blog, purely by chance, which is just as sweet as her pictures.

So at least one things come from me starting up!

I recommend that it you are a latecomer to this blog, (as I am), you check it out.

Ps: I was also pleased to see she had some of my favourite Sasha Pivovarova Vogue shoots on her Inspiration wall

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